Even though Private and Public Equity and Real Estate constitute close to 75% of our investments, we do focus on being a minority financier of capital-raising services

Mergers and Acquisitions

Tom Equity Partners (TEP) provides M&A advice, including sell-side advice, raid, activism defenses, cross-border M&A, special committee assignments, and complicated merger transactions. Tom Equity Partners provides advice on a full range of transactions, including mergers, sales, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, joint ventures, raid defenses, spin-offs, divestitures, and other restructurings.

Hedge Fund

Tom Equity Partners Hedge Fund’s overall investment philosophy is to protect and grow investors’ assets through both commingled and custom-tailored investment strategies designed to deliver compelling risk-adjusted returns and mitigate risk. Approximately half of the assets we manage are invested in customized vehicles created to meet client-specific objectives.

Corporate Finance

Tom Equity Partners Corporate Derivatives team works with corporations to develop customized risk management strategies. Our Corporate Finance team helps businesses structure complex transactions while our Leveraged Finance Capital Markets team originates, structures and executes bank loans and high-yield bond financings for corporate clients and financial sponsors.

Wealth Management

We work closely with high-net-worth individuals, families and select foundations and endowments to develop wealth and investment management strategies. We then identify investment opportunities to help them reach their objectives. We complement these services with robust execution capabilities and attentive client service.

Growth Markets

Tom Equity Partners helps investors find new opportunities in global emerging economies in technology and synthetics.


Tom Equity Partners Credit solutions are often not available elsewhere in the credit markets and draw upon a range of non-investment grade disciplines including leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, distressed debt, mezzanine lending, and rescue financing.

Investment Research

Our Investment Research division provides original, fundamental insights and analysis for clients in the equity, real-estate, fixed income, and commodities markets covering areas such as economics, portfolio strategy, derivatives and equity around the world. Our research reports help investors better understand the issues and trends.

Middle Market Financing

Tom Equity Partners-MMF is a global, multi-asset class business, specializing in principal investing and lending in all levels of capital structures on a risk-adjusted return basis. MMF is the primary center for TEP’s middle-market financing and investing activity. The group lends and invests TEP’s capital directly to mid-sized IT outsourcing firms.

Our goal is to provide liquidity solutions on a fair, timely and confidential basis to investors of illiquid assets